Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Soul Travel, India

Another fantastic slide show by Jonathan Clark.

Tonight's photo exposition was the last in a trilogy entitled "Soul Travel" and covered Jonathan's 5-week trek to India in November 2007. Special guest singer, Jackie Celemencki, closed the show beautifully by singing an acoustic set in sanskrit, adding a wonderful touch to an already visually stunning show. Jonathan, what a wonderful surprise you gave us with all those digitally recorded sounds taken right from your trip!

Thanks to our sponsors, Confusion and AV-Solutions, and of course to our favourite photographer, Jonathan Clark and our wonderful singer, Jackie, whose voice gives you shivers!

I'm looking forward to the encore presentation of this show Wednesday, May 14. See you there!

Jonathan, Bonnie, Amjad, and Amjad's friendMichael, Niki and OliverJonathan, Amjad and Amjad's friend Erik and GeoffBonnie and Geoff

Selected images from the show:

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