Sunday, February 10, 2008

How Operation Triumph started...

The idea of an "umbrella charity team" first came to me in 2006 while I was fund-raising and training to participate in Ironman Canada as a member of Team Diabetes, Canadian Diabetes Association. Having fund-raised for various charities over the past years through athletic and social events, I thought this sort of flexible team would allow people more choice in how they could contribute.

Shortly after I joined Team Diabetes, my diabetic mother was diagnosed with cancer and I was devastated. I had already lost two aunts and an uncle to cancer and I still miss them all though several years have passed. The fund-raising goal behind this "umbrella charity team" became clear. It would help the Canadian Cancer Society since it was not specific to any one type of cancer but to all.

One thing that I learned on each of my fund-raising journeys was that people wanted to help and believed in what I was trying to accomplish. Their support and encouragement was incredible and I will never forget that. This made me think ... wouldn't it be amazing to put all this goodwill together to create something positive, something that could make an even bigger difference? I didn't want any limits to which races someone could run or which events someone could organize or volunteer at. It was also important to me to create awareness about cancer and its treatments, but most importantly, I wanted a voice for those affected directly or indirectly by cancer who wanted or needed to talk or be heard, including myself.

We don't need to continue to feel helpless ... we can choose to make a difference and fight against cancer.

I spoke about this idea with my friends who committed right away and after several planning meetings, we came up with a name and a structure. Shortly afterwards, we received backing from the Canadian Cancer Society ...

Operation Triumph became a reality.

Each member who joins the team, and each person visiting the website or blog, attending an event, or making a donation will have his or her personal reason or reasons for contributing.

I dedicate my contribution in this fight against cancer to my mother, Mei Ling, who is unfortunately terminal as she can no longer receive any treatments. She is my inspiration for creating this team and taught me to be kind and unselfish.

I love you so much, mummy ...

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