Thursday, March 20, 2008

Soul Travel, From Auckland to Montreal

A huge thanks to all those who attended our first fundraiser last night. Your support means a lot to us. Here are some pics from the fantastic evening:

Jonathan Clark, the photographer

Yes, that is a 92-inch projection screen provided by our generous sponsor, AV-Solutions ... Thanks Tom! The images were wonderfully huge!

Operation Triumph (left to right):
Annie Gendron, Jonathan Clark, Bonnie Mak, Véronique Champoux, who just joined the team (yay!) and Geoff Brown

And here's Edward Zaki, working hard as usual ... Thanks Ed for donating the use of your fabulous space on the second floor of Restaurant Confusion.

So, a very fun and funny evening indeed. (Jonathan, was on fire!) We hope you'll be able to come out to our next events in the Soul Travel photo exposition series, held again at Confusion:

Burning Man - Wednesday, April 9

India - Wednesday, April 30


Some pics from the show:

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